Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#12 w/Kate Carney

This weeks guest Kate Carney @kateCarnage on Twitter. Mrs Clams take the lead this week and does an amazing job. Talking to Kate about all things wrestling. How she got into it, Females in wrestling, mixed gender matches, managing, social media, training, mentors, and questions from twitter, and gmail. Check it out here or over at Itunes Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast.


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#11, w/The Devil Himself Derek Drexl

Thanks for checking out the #BFPW Podcast this week, and thanks to Derek Drexl for being on the show! We discuss wrestling growing up, living in Detroit, training with The Grappler, and Playboy Buddy Rose. Being a DJ and managing. Working in Florida and working for FCW. Also discuss DOA and Defy Wrestling. And we hear from The Devil Himself Drexl and the end when i bring up Kate Carney. Check it out now on Itunes!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#10 Max,@WrestleSubtitle(WWS)on Twitter

Hello all. Ltrain here. This week Ep#10, w/Max @WrestleSubtitle on Twitter. Max is a wrestler in training here in the Pacific Northwest & by his words on Twitter, Stooge for a bunch of places. Max is a super good, super nice guy, passionate about pro wrestling, and also has a passion for subtitles on tv/wrestling. He worked hard to get subtitles on WWE Raw. We talk that, Seattle wrestling, what made him love wrestling, want to be a pro wrestler, and his training. Thanks to Max for the wrestling chat. 

Also want to apologize. On the podcast I called the title Davey Richards won at Defy the ECCW Championship, when in fact it is the CZW Championship. Also at the moment I couldn’t remember Big Jack Cunningham’s 1st name which is Jack. So I am apologizing now to anyone i may have upset with my incorrect comments. LOL!!!! Anyway thanks for tuning in. Stream the show here, or head to Itunes, subscribe, leave a rating, a comment, and have it download to your device. Also Mrs Clams and myself discuss #Defy3. Amazing event!