Hello there! My name is Lyle! And along with my wife aka Mrs Clams, we came up with this site to talk about our love of Pro Wrestling.We watch 8-9 hours of Pro Wrestling every week. Sometime more if there is a pay per view card on that week. We have recently made 2 separate trips to Portland for wrestling shows. Went to the NXT show couple months back. It was a fabulous show and we had an amazing time. That was Mrs. Clams first live wrestling event and she loved it!! Then weeks later we attended the WCWC-West Coast Wrestling Connection tv taping at the Jackson Armory. Again had a great time. Long show taping 4 different tv shows, but was well worth it!

Anyway this site will host out blogs and podcasts. Our regular page bigfootprowrestling.com will feed to here. We will do a couple blogs a week with our opinions of the weeks wrestling happenings. Also we will be starting soon a podcast which we will do twice a month. Hosted by me and Mrs Clams! Talking all things Professional Wrestling…..Lucha Underground,NXT,WCWC,Classic Wrestling for Portland Wrestling days,New Japan,and maybe even some WWE. And hopefully have some wrestling guests to interviews. We are currently working on getting our first couple guests for the show.

Anyway we hope you like the blogs,and podcasts. If you do please share so we can build a nice audience and have alot of fun!

Lyle and Mrs Clams