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    Hi everybody. Thanks for taking a look at my web page, blog and podcasts! Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast now on Itunes! Head over to Itunes and Subscribe and every Monday the new episode will download into your Itunes and your device! Episode #1, I visit with Portland Wrestling Legend Hacksaw Brett Sawyer. We shoot the bull about Portland Wrestling, Don Owens, Andre the Giant breaking Brett’s car seat, how Brett got the name Hacksaw, and Seattle Wrestling scene. It was an honor, and a pleasure talking with Hacksaw. He was one of my all time favorites from Portland Wrestling(Big Time Wrestling in Seattle,WA). One of my favorite faces of all time. Brett new how to be a great face. Take the beat down from the heel, SELL, SELL, SELL, and then the hot comeback at the end of the match. He would pull the crowd in and make them feel his pain. Head over to . Search Hacksaw Brett Sawyer and enjoy! The Slick Blade job was F’ing incredible!!! Also his matches against Nature Boy Ric Flair were fabulous! . If you can find his match against Jake Roberts from Georgia Championship Wrestling in the 1980’s you will enjoy. Precious Paul Ellering is involved, and Brett’s brother Buzz Sawyer gets involved and turns face! One of the best angles of all time! Anyway part 2 of Brett and my chat will drop on Itunes next Monday, and I hope you enjoy it!

Its a great time to be a wrestling fan here in the Great Northwest! Defy Wresting is simply OFF THE F’ING HOOK!! Defy 2 kicked ass!! Shane Strickland vs Lio Rush was the greatest live match I think I have ever scene! The card from top to bottom was top notch! Mrs Clams and myself cannot wait until Defy 3 Swerve City! Johnny Morrison(Mundo,Nitro) vs Shane Strickland i am pretty sure will tear the Washington Hall down! Hopefully its not so hot the the fire alarms go off again. 

Also just visited Hermiston,OR this last weekend and attended Prestige Championship Wrestling Prestige #1 at the the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center. Its was a great show and a fabulous card. Ken Anderson did not show which was a little disappointing but shit happens. Still a great show. Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Davey Richards was a old fashion brawl with Davey coming out on top. Kenny Lush vs Make Santiago for the Prestige Championship did not disappoint! They fought all over the building with Kenny Lush coming out on top and winning the title! La Avispa and Ave Rex maybe was another fabulous action packed match! Great thing about this show is that it was very family friendly, lots of kids having the time of their lives! Big love for Eugene at the show, former WWE superstar. Next show Friday June 23rd will have Carlito and Val Venus and most of the stars from Prestige 1 get your tickets now over at Support all our local Pro Wrestling!! 

Upcoming local shows, 3-2-1 Battle, BattleMania this Friday night 4/21 at the Evolve Gym, And then Lucha Volcanica Saturday April 29th also at Evolve Gym! And then Defy 3 Swerve City Friday May 26th at the Legendary Washington Hall!! Probbly not alot of tickets left. Hottest show in town! Thank you Defy,Matt Farmer and Steve Migs! You guys have brought Pro Wrestling back to Seattle!!! Anyway hope you enjoy my page, blog and podcasts! Hit me up on Twitter @ratleaguxtreme or email me at! Any feedback or thought would be appreciated! Anyway Monday Episode 2 of the Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast will drop with part 2 of my talk with Hacksaw Brett Sawyer! If you like let me know and give me a rating on Itunes!! Anyway…..

Remember, Be Fair to Flair!, And Go Seahawks!! 12th Man!


or you can call me the Ltrain!!



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