When Pro Wrestling Hooked and Started Rotting My Brain ……..Part 1


I remember as a kid one day, I was flipping channels on our family tv in the living room. The age that I was eludes me, but it wasn’t much more than seven or eight. There was not a remote like today or voice activated anything. You actually had to get up and change the channel on the tv yourself with your very own hand. So i remember i was sitting on the floor right in front of the tv with my right hand up on the old fashion cable box flipping the channels. Suddenly i flipped on WTBS the Superstation and i was seeing a comeback vignette about Tommy Wildfire Rich. Then suddenly he charged the guys in the ring who i find out where the Freebirds. This was my first encounter with Georgia Championship Wrestling hosting by a guy with this amazing raspy voice. That voice was Gordon Solie.

   Suddenly i was hooked to the world of Professional Wrestling. Tommy Rich was my first favorite probably because he was the first guy I ever saw and he was a huge, over, babyface. There were so many greats there, Tommy Rich, The Freebirds, Buzz Sawyer, Masked Superstar, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, The Road Warriors, The Andersons(Ole and Gene), and so many others. The look, the violence, the matches, the sound of Gordon Solie’s voice, and yes the blood completely sold me and i loved it like nothing i had seen to that point.

   The only problem was that it was on WTBS and that was on cable. After a while we had gotten rid of the cable i am sure we could not afford it. So i could not watch this amazing saga i had been watching week to week. After that i always pushed to go to my grandparents on Saturdays around 3:00 pacific so i could watch Georgia Championship Wrestling/World Championship Wrestling with my Uncle Ted.

   My Uncle Ted lived in my grandparents attic. He had some type of agreement with my grandparent’s neighbor and was hooked into the neighbor’s cable. I didn’t care, the only thing that mattered to me back then was being able to see Championship Wrestling at 3:05 pacific on WTBS. Not only did we watch wrestling my Uncle Ted and I would have some fake wrestling matches where I was the face and he was the heel. More time than not i was Tommy Rich. Uncle Ted could have been a variety of different heels. Maybe Kevin Sullivan amongst others. Uncle Ted and I would do other things like go up to Cascade Elementary School and shoot hoops, but pro wrestling was the show!

 We couldn’t go to my grandparents every weekend and it always drove me crazy not knowing what happened on World Championship Wrestling. I would have to call my Uncle and ask what happened. It really sucked not having cable and not knowing what happened on WTBS that Saturday, but soon things would change. Saturday nights on channel Eleven starting at 10:00 pm was an amazing wrestling night!!

   But before that, was another channel flipping amazing discovery!! Big Time Wrestling from the Portland Sports Arena! They had a weekly tv show on I believe channel 8 or maybe 12. I was so happy that I found more pro wrestling on just regular tv so i could still get my fix of pro wrestling. I could watch it at home on my black and white tv in my bedroom with my rigged up rabbit ears with a foil assist. It had two knobs one for the regular channels and one for the UHF channels. The characters from the shows really grabbed me and the matches were amazing. There was quite a few shows with best 2 out of 3 falls main event. I would soon see my first professional wrestling live. Big Time Wrestling(Portland Wrestling,Don Owens) live at the Seattle Center Arena!! It was epic!!

Next, When Pro Wrestling Hooked and Started Rotting My Brain part 2 !!!!  

Remember, Be Fair to Flair!, And Go Seahawks!! 12th Man!


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