Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#55 w/ PCO @PCOQuebecer

Big show this week with 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion Quebecer Pierre Carl Oulette #PCO @PCOQuebecer. Great chat about wrestling, his time in WWE, WCW, Training, Being on top but, not saving the $$, his come back and being healthy. Check out this weeks show! What an honor to speak with this great man. What a comeback he has had here in 2017-2018. Thanks To PCO for his time!!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#54 w/Daniel Makabe

Surprise Episode! Early release for @321battle!! Big rematch between The Bird and Daniel Makabe Friday night at the Battle Palace!!Great chat with Daniel! We chat baseball, music and then we get to wrestling and 321 Battle!! Great chat, great audio, and a great guest! Watch 321 Battle on Twitch every other Friday! @321battle

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#53 w/Schaff @SCHAFF_pw

One of the amazing NW talents! He has had 2 amazing matches against Brody King at Defy Wrestling. Wrestles for DOA Wrestling, Prestige and other Promotions around the PNW! Listen to his story, moving for his love, being in the Navy and his journey into pro wrestling. Get over to Itunes and give this show a 5 star rating and a review, help out the men and women of the PNW!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#52 w/Caden Cassidy @CadenCassidy on Twitter

Great podcast this week! The one and only Caden Cassidy @CadenCassidy on Twitter. We chat like old friends. Start with some WWE, Then talk Seattle to New Jersay & back back to the NW, His buddy and former #BFPW Podcast guest Julian Wyatt, Getting sneaked attacked by his son, meeting his wife because of wrestling, music, Seahawks,The Fridge, NBA, Gary Payton,Sonics, and even tennis!! Check us out at and on #iTunes!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#51 321 BattleMania Special w/ Gearl Hebner & Steve Migs

This week 321 Battle, #BattleMania2018 special, I have the pleasure of talking to Gearl Hebner and then part 2 with Steve Migs. Badass chats about 321 Battle,BattleMania, WrestleMania Weekend and lots more! Check this podcast out now and enjoy! Looking forward to BattleMania my 1st 321 Battle Show! See you 4/20!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#50 w/Jim Perry

Episode #50!!Didn’t know if i would make it 20. Special episode for #50 Jim Perry of Defy Wrestling is the guest. We talk lots of wrestling, growing up a wrestling fan, Defy Wrestling and local wrestling. Jim’s favorite beverage, and we get into Defy Vibes and also chat music and much, much more. Thanks to Jim for agreeing to be my 50th Episode guest.! It is #DefyVibes week so check it out!


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#49 w/ Steve Migs @ImSteveMigs

Thanks to Steve Migs for our podcast going way long so I can use part of it for Episode #49 after a reschedule. Listen to us talk WrestleMania weekend, and what Steve is up to in New Orleans that weekend. And also Steve and the Radio Business. And more!! Part 2 with @ImSteveMigs will air 4/16/18


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 48 w/Max @WrestleSubtitle on Twitter

He is back again for his 2nd appearance on The Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast!! He is @WrestleSubtitle on Twitter, Max! Max talks about the work he is doing with 321 Battle @321battle .We talk about what he is and has been doing, We get into BattleMania 2018, wrestling family, and just a great chat about wrestling and 321 Battle. Be at BattleMania 4/20/18 !!!


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 45 w/Danny Dang

Dude this week chatting with The Defyance member Danny Dang! Danny and I start the chat with Sounders, then move to a lot of wrestling. PWG, @defynw ,#WrestleMania, wrestling shows and trips. Fun chat with a Defyance family member! Check out the Facebook The Defyance page! Check it out now on #ITunes, and stream at



Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#44 w/Gearl Hebner referee @321Battle!!!!

Great episode this week for everyone! I get the honor to BS with 321 Battle, and NW Wrestling referee Gearl Hebner. We get into Ballet, how and why she became a referee, Training with the wrestlers, Mentors, 321 Battle, Defy, Twitch and lots of other great stuff! Check her out on and See her ever other Friday eve at 9pm, 321 Battle on Twitch!


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#41 w/Ben Beckett,chating up Laughway House,Project 42,Nick Radford’s Dad

Hey Yo! This week chat with Ben Beckett Ring Announcer for Project 42, and owner of Laughway House comedy shows. Big Announcement for a show he is putting on at The Swiss in Tacoma. Looking forward to my 1st time there. Talking growing up with wrestling, comedy, Mitch Hedberg, Comedy Records, Jay Leno, Ethan HD, Yellow Dog, And thanks to Nick Radford Senior for approving this  appearance.

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#40 w/Michael Huitt, Ring Announcer Prestige Wrestling Hermiston,OR

Hello and welcome to another awesome Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast. This week I chat with a great guy named Michael Huitt, ring announcer for Prestige Wrestling in Hermiston, Oregon. We talk growing up a wrestling fan. Sneaking up strains to watch wrestling when parents were watching wrestling. Attitude Area, Favs, Ring Announcing dreams, How he got the job in @WrestlingPrestige, and his 1st time ring announcing

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#37 w/William from Prestige Wrestling

This week I chat with William, Booker from Prestige Wrestling. We review some Prestige 3 matches, talk what is coming for Prestige Wrestling and Prestige 4. Talk plans for the Prestige Championship, and Davey Richards. Great chat!! Check it out! #ITunes and stream at

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#36 w/ Cole Crazy @ColeCrazy321

This week I get to talk pro wrestling with Cole Crazy @ColeCrazy321 on Twitter. We just start talking wrestling, Defy on Impact, Ravenous Randy, WCW, Ric Flair, Nitro, Cruiserweights, growing up & Backyard Wrestling. Also Defy Wrestling, SST, & 321 Battle! Great chat with the Human Holyshit Machine of 321 Battle @321battle

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 33 w/Nick @Around_Seattle on Twitter part #1

Yo me and Nick @Around_Seattle on Twitter shooting the bull at The Geaux Brewery in Auburn.  Drinking good, cold, beer talking all kinds of wrestling, and he breaks down The Defy Now show that he attended, & Lunchbox Laboratory. Also talk all kinds of other stuff. Part #1 of 2.


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 31 The Return of Clark Connors @ClarkConnors

This week Clark Connors returns to the podcast. We talk his Wrestling travels here in the NW, Wrestling at Defy, Prestige, Canada, and heading to West Coast Wrestling Connection. I spoke with Clark as he drove from Canada to Portland, Or. Appreciate his time and cant wait to see him Friday At Defy 9 Yo Grabs!


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 30 w/Kevin Cook

Yo…This weeks Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast has guest Kevin Cook. We discuss his all things wrestling. His love, training, Buddy Wayne Academy, 4 hours of driving to train 6 hours, love for family pets, and other topics! And also thanks for Christopher G doing the opening with me this week discussing Prestige, Big League Lucha Libre from Yakima, WWE TLC and just shooting wrestling.


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 29 w/Julian Whyt @JulianWhyt

This week The Bigfoot Podcast speaks with Julian Whyt @JuianWhyt on Twitter. We chat why he was a fan of the Monday Night Wars, When & why he wanted to train & his training, Buddy Wayne stories, West Coast Wrestling Connection, Doa Pro Wresting’s Pure Heavyweight Champion, NW Wrestling, and video gaming. Subscribe and download on ITunes, and stream at Next week I chat with Kevin Cook @kevdeezy88 on Twitter.

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 28 w/Jerry The Kernal

Yo this weeks Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast is a chat between myself and my good friend Jerry The Kernal . We went to the DOA 9th anniversary show, sat ring side and had a great time, I get Jerry’s thoughts on what he witnessed that night as it was his first wrestling show ever. Great chat about the War Games Match, which was amazing. Jerry and I also talk a little fantasy football, Also Mrs Clams returns to the podcast opening. Check it out and get to a DOA Show in Portland, OR SOON!!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep #23 w/Carl The Catch Cunnigham

This week we get back to interviews on the Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast. I chat with Carl The Catch Cunningham this week. We chat about his love for wrestling, his favorites, training with Buddy Wayne, The Cunninghams, DOA, Defy and more. #ITunes




Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep #22,w/ LTrain and Mrs Clams

Hey its been a few weeks but we are back, kind of! Lol!! This week Mrs Clams and myself watch and review Defy 1 Legacy’s 1st 4 matches while having a little red wine. Awesome looking back at the 1st show. It is the only show Mrs Clams and myself did not attend. Our play by play might not be great but we had fun! Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy! I will have more interviews with our NW stars soon! See you at Defy Sept 29th!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#21 w/ Matt Farmer

This weeks Episode #21 with special guest Matt Farmer of Defy Wrestling, Indyriffic co host and Pro Wrestling Historian. We had a great chat about Legal Wrestling in Washington, Defy Wrestling, Lio Rush, ECCW vs Defy, Old Portland Wrestling, Matt’s wrestling career and training. Also stories of Buddy Wayne, Buddy Rose and a great Andre the Giant and Buddy Rose story.


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#20 !!!! Mrs Clams interviews The Ltrain

This week is the 20th episode of The Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast! Thanks to all my guests, listeners, friends and, family for all the support. And also thanks to Mrs Clams for supporting me in this crazy endeavor. I have has a blast so far talking wrestling and getting to know the NW wrestling community. This week Mrs Clams interviews me on the podcast. We chat why I love wrestling, my favorites, my thoughts on the business these days and those days. We just talk all kinds of shit. Fun and serious topics. I had a blast being on the other side of the interview mic. I hope you all like it too! And thanks to all that listen, support and, appear on the Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Love Always,


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#19 w/ Ms. Amanda Jayne

I am getting and education in Indy Wrestling on this weeks podcast. Ms. Amanda Jayne chats all things Indy wrestling, growing up with WWF, Indies in California, Colt Cabana, her wrestling travels, Defy Wrestling and a lot more on this weeks episode of the Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast. #thequeenofindywrestling Thx so much Amanda!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep# 16 w/ Defy Host/Ring Announcer Steve Migs!!

    This weeks guest is Steve Migs from Migs vs the World of Wrestling Podcast, Defy Wrestling Host and Ring Announcer, 3,2,1 Wrestling Commissioner, and co-host of The BJ and Migs Show on KISW 99.9 6am-10am  Monday thru Friday. It was on honor to talk pro wrestling with Steve. We had a blast talking all things wrestling. We get into his crazy schedule, wrestling training, when his love for wrestling started, How this Defy thing started for him, 3,2,1 Battle Commissioner, The Defiance, NW Wrestling, and  Migs vs the World of Wrestling Podcast! Thanks to Steve for his time and amazing insight into his world of wrestling!



Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#12 w/Kate Carney

This weeks guest Kate Carney @kateCarnage on Twitter. Mrs Clams take the lead this week and does an amazing job. Talking to Kate about all things wrestling. How she got into it, Females in wrestling, mixed gender matches, managing, social media, training, mentors, and questions from twitter, and gmail. Check it out here or over at Itunes Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast.


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#11, w/The Devil Himself Derek Drexl

Thanks for checking out the #BFPW Podcast this week, and thanks to Derek Drexl for being on the show! We discuss wrestling growing up, living in Detroit, training with The Grappler, and Playboy Buddy Rose. Being a DJ and managing. Working in Florida and working for FCW. Also discuss DOA and Defy Wrestling. And we hear from The Devil Himself Drexl and the end when i bring up Kate Carney. Check it out now on Itunes!!

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#10 Max,@WrestleSubtitle(WWS)on Twitter

Hello all. Ltrain here. This week Ep#10, w/Max @WrestleSubtitle on Twitter. Max is a wrestler in training here in the Pacific Northwest & by his words on Twitter, Stooge for a bunch of places. Max is a super good, super nice guy, passionate about pro wrestling, and also has a passion for subtitles on tv/wrestling. He worked hard to get subtitles on WWE Raw. We talk that, Seattle wrestling, what made him love wrestling, want to be a pro wrestler, and his training. Thanks to Max for the wrestling chat. 

Also want to apologize. On the podcast I called the title Davey Richards won at Defy the ECCW Championship, when in fact it is the CZW Championship. Also at the moment I couldn’t remember Big Jack Cunningham’s 1st name which is Jack. So I am apologizing now to anyone i may have upset with my incorrect comments. LOL!!!! Anyway thanks for tuning in. Stream the show here, or head to Itunes, subscribe, leave a rating, a comment, and have it download to your device. Also Mrs Clams and myself discuss #Defy3. Amazing event!


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#5 w/La Avispa Lucha Libre Volcanica Cruiserweight Champion!

La Avispa Lucha Libre Volcanica Cruiserweight Champion!! We chat about being the 1st Lucha Volcanica Cruiserweight champion, also being the 1st female champion, training with men, knowing when you have the crowd, local wrestling scene, females in todays, Ave Rex, and Defy Wrestling.

Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#3 w/ Tony Thomas

Hey yo its the Ltrain! This week I talk old school Portland wrestling with Tony Thomas @pdxguy on Twitter. Or check him out on Old Nerd Reviews. Also has the web site .Dude knows about Portland Wrestling and attended shows at the legendary Portland Sports Arena. Hope you enjoy our chat. You can also listen and subscribe to Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast at Itunes. Check it out, subscribe and leave a review/rating if you choose too. Next week part 2 with Tony. 


Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast #2,w/Hacksaw Brett Sawyer-Portland Legend part 2!!

Part 2 of my podcast with Hacksaw Brett Sawyer. We chat about Billy Jack Haynes, Portland Sports Arena, more Don Owen, Dutch Savage’s brother, and Sandy Barr. Co-Host Mrs. Clams makes her debut on the opening! He talk about her and Eugene’s sweat. Check us out on Itunes and subscribe. You can do a rating and review is you choose to.